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We are hands-on developers dedicated to high-quality maintainable and testable systems. We have a holistic view of systems development and, in our projects, will pay close attention to all aspects from the lowest hardware detail up to an intuitive user interface.

Our mindset is that systems are meant to be used by humans. We will not relent until the end user is happy.

In all our customer projects, we demonstrated that we consistently Get Things Done.

Please find below a portfolio of our past projects. We'll be happy to answer any questions as far as confidentiality isn't concerned, as well as provide reference contacts.

Embedded devices • Sensors • Robotics

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Motion Control Module

Together with a Swiss startup, we developed a comprehensive, yet simple and extremely robust control software. The C++ software is used for robotic arms between 3 and 6 degrees of freedom and runs on an embedded Linux computer.

Radiation Portal Monitors

Deterring smuggling of nuclear material

We helped a Swiss startup to develop novel radiation detection technologies. In the process, we were involved in all aspects of the technology from the detector level up to the web-based User Interface. We managed and grew a team of developers.

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Vibration analysis

Comparing old and new SBB trains

After press reports of passengers getting motion sick, we analysed the swaying of cars of classic long-range trains of the Swiss Railways system (SBB) and compared it to new trains delivered by Bombardier and introduced to the network in 2019. Details can be found here. Press coverage.

Security for IoT and medical devices

Extremely small footprint cryptographic library

We developed Krypt, a library for strong (Elliptic Curve/ECDSA) encryption with a memory footprint as small as 10 kilobytes, suitable for use even in the smallest embedded devices. The code is standard ISO C/C++ and MISRA compliant.

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Modeling • Simulation • Optimal control

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Flight Simulation

Highly realistic flight training devices

From development of the physical models over integration of original avionics hardware to the overall software architecture, we have worked on all aspects of the development of flight simulators and training devices.

Pilot and astronaut training

Human centrifuge

We designed and implemented an optimal control algorithm for a high performance human centrifuge.

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Computer Vision

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Automatic map generation

5x speed-up

Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to detect roads on satellite and aerial images. Subsequent vectorization of the detected roads, QA of the data and integration into the regular maps update cycle.


Aircraft collision avoidance

Continuous monitoring of collision warning device performance

Leveraging a worldwide network of ground receivers, we monitor the safety critical transmissions of over 15'000 FLARM devices.

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SaaS for General Aviation

Worldwide tracking and logs

Using the same ground receiver network, we provide tracking, Search and Rescue support and a and a fully automated logbook for gliders and small planes.

Collision avoidance

Managing FLARM development

For 3 years, Gerhard led the development of FLARM, the award-winning collision avoidance device for small aircraft. He transitioned the project to a new processor architecture. He took care of the production supply chain as well as marketing and sales and opened a recurring revenue stream.

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IT and databases

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Electronic Health Records

Audit trail and testing

In 2019, we helped develop an e-Health project, introducing creative new testing strategies in the process.